Özkan Hidrolik Servislerimiz - Services

Engineering Services

In the direction of customer demands, all calculations of all kinds of mobile and industrial machines are carried out by specialist mechanical engineers. Preliminary calculations are made after taking receipt of necessary equipment to be used in the calculations related to the machine or vehicle that will be made by the customers first. By the meeting with the customer again for the final corrections, the calculations will be completed in accordance with the requested specifications.

Project and System Design

We prepare hydraulic or pneumatic projects after finishing the calculations of the machine or vehicle which made according to the customer demands.

Circuit diagrams are prepared according to the operating principle of the system. The project is prepared by drawing 3D solid models of the system referring to the projects circuit diagram.


Our production processes are given in the below according to process queue:
1. CNC bending then the welding processes, 
2. Project and design preparations, 
3. Cleaning and painting,
4. The system montage to be finalized according to the circuit diagram and solid model in the unit assembly line, 
5. After all the processes are finished and the system is tested, its ready to delivery.

Technical service

On-site fault detection, maintenance-repair and revision operations are carrying out carefully by the specialist engineers and other technical staff in accordance with customer demands. If there is a problem in the product or system delivered within the scope of after-sales services, on-place expertises the process personnel and the necessary procedures are taking to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Product Sales

Özkan Hidrolik having a very wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic product portfolio, given the accumulation of years of customer demand and new products added which are as a result of follow-up of developments in the sector gives the sales and after-sales service. These services are provided in 62 cities in Turkey and 13 countries abroad together with 13 engineers and 56 expert personnel.


We provide a complete package solution in the direction of the requests from the private sector and institutions and also signing the big contracts with turnkey deliveries.


Özkan Hidrolik, who has been the consultant for many companies, provides all kinds of technical support for companies during their product development and new product projecting.