Özkan Hidrolik provides maximum customer satisfaction in after-sales services by using the experience and knowledge in the most appropriate way in order to present the technical services required by the machines and working conditions, by taking advantage of manufacturer's recommendations.

To provide all kind of services to our customers about production techniques at before and after sales to ensure them to be maximum productive in the machinery and equipment with the best reasonable economical conditions.

Özkan Hidrolik, has adopted the philosophy of making the most economical production as long as it works as an investment tool for its customers, and has always been cooperated with the customers for this purpose.


Our trained specialist team which is managed by experienced engineer staff, guarantees all kinds of revision, maintenance, failure and system tests in accordance with the manufacturer's standard and technology in order to respond to the service requests promptly and technically.


For these purposes, our technicians are equipped with all needed technical equipments and test equipments to meet the service needs at any point where machinery and equipments are located.